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Welcome to the Ladies’ Lounge on R.C. Smith’s website! (Gentlemen are welcome to enjoy the ladies’ company, but, please, behave.)

Make yourself comfortable, with a glass of your favorite beverage. We can recommend the Prosecco.

Texts by female authors, exploring and expressing the so-called darker regions of their minds — fantasies, desires and memories concerning sex, submission, agression, violence, pain, and death.

These short texts are as different from each other as their authors are, but what they have in common is their authenticity and their undaunted candor. Enter these worlds at your own peril. More to come.

Trigger warning: Whatever your triggers are, be warned.

Pouget Dalmas

Five in The Arena • Jane

Mara Samsara

It Has Been Nice • The Party

S. Ireland

The Oarlock Tier • The Sacrificial Knife


2018-11-05: The Party by Mara Samsara

2018-10-23: Jane by Pouget Dalmas and It Has Been Nice by Mara Samsara

2018-10-15: Lounge opened, with Five in The Arena by Pouget Dalmas and The Oarlock Tier and The Sacrificial Knife by S. Ireland

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